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A good question, to be sure. I actually gave this a lot of thought before jumping in. Serious thought.

Being a senior citizen, this whole concept of serious thought is troublesome. As a rule, it gives me a headache. It makes me dizzy. It makes me want to take a nap.

But I thought long and hard about starting this baby blog anyway. There are a few things working against me here:

1. My 2 sons certainly are not babies. They are full grown with families of their own.

2. I am indeed a grandfather. I have 9 grandkids so far.

3. I am not exactly a spring chicken. I won’t mention my age. Let’s just say I am very familiar with Medicare and Social Security.

Here’s another thing. There are a million baby blogs out there. Most involve young mothers experiencing baby care first hand. How many are written by grandfathers on Medicare? I am in the minority here.

The cards certainly appear to stacked against me. So why do it?


Answering the “Why do it?” question is easy. My sons provided me with the most fun I have ever had. They also gave my life a real purpose. The total joy and love we feel for our kids is indescribable. 

And now, I am lucky enough to have my grandchildren. They are an absolute blast. And I haven’t changed a diaper since 1987. I plan to keep it that way.

I have seen how our world has changed since my kids were babies. The way we view child-raising and parenting has also changed – a lot. It is a fascinating topic to write about. For me I would not consider writing about anything else.

Besides, I am that “glass half full” type of guy. Maybe a grandfather on Medicare can offer a unique perspective on babies and parenting. Yeah, that’s a good one.


The content and articles inside Vibrant Baby are divided into three broad sections:

Baby Care. This includes topics related to the health and care of your baby. We will cover ideas that occur from birth through infancy.

Toddler Care. Everything changes when your child gets on his or her feet. The world as you once knew it is over. This section will address the fun and challenges we face once our child takes his first step through the pre-school years.

Parenting. This is a very broad topic, to be sure. We will try to limit or discussion to pre-school parenting only.

This project has been great fun for me. I hope you like it. Also, I would greatly enjoy hearing from you. Feel free to leave a comment or send an email anytime.

Gotta go now. It’s time for my nap.

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