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Is it hard for you to imagine a greater feeling of absolute love and joy than you have for your children? For me, it was the most wonderful time. The baby and toddler phases were especially filled with great fun, laughter, and affection. Vibrant Baby is a reflection of all the joy I was so lucky enough to experience.

My kids are now grown and have families of their own. The joy of parenting my babies and toddlers are only memories now. Very fond memories.

Now, I get to feel the joy of being a grandparent (nine and counting). Also, great fun for me. I've discovered there are real advantages to being a grandparent. Here are a few of my favorites:


  1. 1
    No potty training (Ever).
  2. 2
    No diaper changes (not a chance).
  3. 3
    I haven't been poked in the eye (yet).
  4. 4
    I haven't been thrown up on (yet).

Getting old isn't so bad after all. 

Here is what is inside Vibrant Baby:

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